Before I left for this trip i cleared my mind of expectations. Working a day job and having to bake all nights of the week has taken me to a place where I just needed to run away from my responsibilities, as hard it was to admit I was becoming tired. So.... here we are cambodian. Trip advisors, blogs and IG for what i have seen shows cambodia to be such an adventrous place and filled with temples. 

Adventrous it was, financially affordable it was, spiritually enlightening.... for some that are seeking those things, HOT it def was LOL

As transportation is so cheap by comparison we hired a tut tut for the day to take us on a loop to visit a hand full of temples. I think we reached 4 temples before we claimed to be templed out. 

An experience to have shared our adventures with the tut tut driver.  

I would recommand this to anyone wanting to walk alot and embrace the heat.  

Petal Met Sugar

Probably one most memorable desserts to date. This is the oolong peach slice.

It was about a year ago since I have had this slice of cake. I still remember the crunch layers in between, combined with the soft cake and mousse... This is probably one cake I will buy over and over again. It is not expensive for the technique and time put into this cake. #shutupandtakemymoney


N2 Extreme Gelato

Feeling like a child in a candy store. This is exactly how I feel like every time I go to this gelato store in Sydney Chinatown. They have new flavours every 2 weeks. My favourite is the pavalova. It is always a show at this shop.   Not only are we purchasing something to eat, we are also buying the theatre portion of cloud to freezing this gelato. 


Black Star Pastry


Strawberry Watermelon Cake! Need I say more?  I love how honest they are with their baking, from selecting ingredients to plating. I have been so lucky to come across a bakery like this and to have joined forces and did a linar new yr collab with them. It is a complete rustic experience. Everything is made in house. There is more then their strawberry watermelon cake. My favourite is now the custard flan. Reminds me of half a custard tart and Portuguese tart. 

They also do a decent chai latte.