Growing Up.

Andres explains that she grew up in a home filled with amazing cooks. A vivid memory she holds is the amazing goji berry jelly dessert where Andres's grandma uses all the ingredients she has in her kitchen to transform things into something so delicate and moreish. This is the inspiration behind Andres's baking.

Finding that excuse to bake.

Baking makes Andres happy and is her Zen place. It is the time where all electronics are off, the sun is down and the day is over. Andres works as a nurse full-time and is a leisure baker.  She started with no oven, as it was broken and used for storage, she  used a flavourwave (something you cook chicken with) to make my first batch of macarons... and it all  started from there.



Aside from baking Andres has a passion for photography and portraiture work in her studio. 

She has been involved in collaborations to make sweets for various brands, birthdays, weddings, events and publications. Whilst working full-time Andres has found time to travel both locally and internationally to teach other sweet lovers.