Growing Up

My house is filled with amazing cooks. I remember growing up my grandma will make the best goji berry jelly dessert. she uses all the ingredients she has in her kitchen to transform things into delicate sweets.

So growing up with that really has inspired me to create with minimal. My mother and uncle were all chefs too in their young years. They were the typical chefs in little chinese take away restaurants that you would see.

Mum will always tell me "if you want to find a good husband you have to learn how to cook like me", so I have spent numerous of hours with her in the kitchen. Sure to say like all kids, I learnt nothing and only really truly appreciated the time and the skill set now that I am older. So more hours in the kitchen with her in the years to come.

I told her recently, I want to document what she does so that I could develop a cook book to pass on to my kids. This way I would be able to keep my grandmothers dessert and also mums dishes for many more years to come.

I’ll find every excuse to bake from then on

Baking is my Zen place. I started because it is a place that makes me happy. It is the time where all electronics are off, the sun is down and my day is over. When I first started baking I had no other intension for the baked goods then it making me and my family happy. And today I will hold on to that philosophy, something I find very important. Shall it not make me happy on the inside I will out the tools down and not continue. Lucky to say, one year on and there is still a smile on my face. 

I started with no oven, as it was broken, I used a flavourwave (something you cook chicken with) to make my first batch of macarons. My baking journery started from there.


It all started with eating macarons

I love eating macarons but mum hated macarons because they were too sweet.  To enjoy and share something i love with her, i decided to create macarons that she could enjoy. Hence my first baby Black Sesame Macaron was borned.